This game was made for the 34th monthly  Bitsy Jam with the theme of Rat.

I have never heard of Bitsy ( before and wasn't sure how far I could take the theme of Rat. Originally, I wanted to combine the story of the Chinese Zodiac with a small racing mini-game that would be inspired by the Run Rattatta Run game of Pokemon Stadium for Nintendo64 by Nintendo.  You would get to pick your own Zodiac animal as your avatar, and would mash a button on your keyboard to get you to run, and another button to jump over hurdles. I started to really get into the idea of being able to have multiple people play by choosing number of players and having different buttons for each, and the image of 4 people on one keyboard mashing away to try and beat each other and perhaps even sabotage/trick each other seemed quite fun. 

I realized very quickly that Bitsy is not built for that level of game play, and decided to save that ambition for another game/engine down the line. 

After learning more about Bitsy and playing some games made with it, I realized  that is built with narrative gaming in mind. I decided to make a story about The Chinese Zodiac since I already was inspired to use it before. It was the Year of the Rat after all, which is probably where the theme came from, and I noticed that no one else had made a Bitsy game/story of The Great Race.  Thus, I ended up making a small narrative game using Bitsy to tell the story of The Great Race of The Chinese Zodiac. I added a small collection "mini-game" where you can collect Oranges for Good Luck. There are 20 of them for the year 2020.

Overall, this is a simple narrative fiction that I enjoyed making. I look forward to the next Bitsy Jam as I get more familiar with Bitsy and get more creative with it.

Have fun, enjoy, and Happy New Year!

#bitsyjam #rat #2020 #lunarnewyear #yearoftherat #oranges #jadeemperor #emperor #bitsy


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Nice job! I will be doing a short (maybe recorded) online presentation on Saturday introducing bitsy and discussing how to use for language learning. Can I use screenshots in the presentation?

Yes! I would be honored! Would you like to meet up and talk about it? I would like to share the game in a bit more depth if possible.

Wonderful! You can contact me at jrobins3 AT . The whole presentation though is only about 15 minutes, so I really won't be going into depth about your specific game, I just want to show it as an example of how it can be used to teach cultural concepts. Regardless, I am certainly open to a chat with you. Thanks!

Thanks for letting me show your game during the presentation on Saturday. It went well. I was wondering if you would allow us to do a translation into Mandarin Chinese and then post to our itch account? Perhaps a version in pinyin (maybe better for lower level students), a version in traditional characters, and a version in simplified characters. Let me know!

Hello! I apologise I didn't get back to you about meeting up >\\\< I got distracted with a few projects. Let me contact you right now.

Good game, i love how you set up the narrative and the colour scheme is great!